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Stu Fogarty personal site for Advertising Consultancy, Advertising Courses and Zoominars. And if you should want to and to buy his book 

'Advertising is a waste time (but the best fun you can have with you clothes on)' published 2020.


Stu Fogarty is a high profile, often controversial, outspoken former President and Fellow of The Advertising Institute (IAPI); Board Member and Fellow of The Marketing Institute; Chairman of The Advertising Press Club; Board member of The Publicity Club; former Ad Agency CEO and Owner of Ireland’s largest Ad Agency McConnell’s; Son of an Ad Agency CEO; Founder Member Core Media; Founder of Club Internet (floated Nasdaq March 2000 as Via Net Works); regular media contributor on advertising matters; And a Sailing World record holder. He lives in Dalkey, Dublin (at the minute). 

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